Mindfulness of sounds by Elise Bialylew

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Turning your mindfulness outward and tuning into sounds

by Elise Bialylew

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Mindful Tip

This guided meditation invites you to turn your attention to the outside world and anchor your attention to the sounds around you.

Try this guided practice out a few times this week and then try and bring mindfulness of sounds into your everyday life as you move through the day.

You can bring this practice into everyday life by practising mindfulness in conversations. Bring your attention to the other person’s voice and each time you notice the mind wandering, just bring it back to the sound of the person’s voice.

Bring an intention to be fully present in conversation, and notice how this might be different from the way you normally show up with others.

Experiment with this practice of bringing mindfulness to conversations and experience how it enhances the quality of your relationships.

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About Elise Bialylew

Elise Bialylew is author of bestselling book, The Happiness Plan and founder of Mindful in May, the world’s largest online global mindfulness fundraising campaign that teaches thousands of people each year to meditate, while raising funds to build clean water projects in the developing world. A doctor trained in psychiatry, turned social entrepreneur and mindfulness expert, she’s passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to develop inner tools for greater wellbeing and flourishing, and offers workshops and training at The Mind Life Project. Her work has featured in the Huffington Post, New York Times, and on Australian Television.