A meditation to deepen your mindfulness by Kate James

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Some common meditation questions

When is the best time to meditate?

The best time to meditate is whatever time works best for you. Try meditating at different times in the day and notice what you discover. Meditating in the morning can support you in setting up the day with greater focus and presence. Meditating throughout the day can support greater focus at work. Meditating before bed can help settle the mind and support better sleep. There’s no right or wrong.

My back gets sore when I meditate can I do it lying down?

Meditation is not meant to be a physical challenge. My teachers always encouraged me to find a posture that is comfortable so that you can focus your energy on doing the work of the mind rather than gritting your teeth through pain. If it’s not physically comfortable, you’re going to be less likely to come back each day. I like to see meditation as something I do that nourishes me. Of course some days difficult feelings or mind states will arise, but we don’t need to add unnecessary physical pain, to what is already quite a challenging mental exercise.


Kate James has spent the past sixteen years working as a coach, meditation teacher, mindfulness speaker and retreat facilitator. She is also the author of four best-selling personal development books including Believe in Yourself and Be Mindful. Kate works with clients to help them increase self-awareness, build confidence and gain clarity about their career and life direction. She has practised meditation herself for over 24 years and can be found at www.totalbalance.com.au.